K.K. Birla Foundation Fellowship in comparative Indian Literature

The K.K. Birla Foundation offers one fellowship annually to eminent scholars, teachers, writers etc. to undertake an in-depth study of any substantial subject in the field of comparative literature.

Comparative Literature

Comparative literature is a new developing discipline in academic studies. It is a misconceived notion that a comparative study of 2 or more authors and works forms the core of comparative literature. Such studies may be useful if they form part of an investigation into a comprehensible problem. The Foundation lays emphasis on the following aspects in comparative studies:

1. The theory and practice of genres, themes, narrative styles etc. in the context of Indian literature.
2. Influence studies : Processes and case studies, especially influence of foreign languages (English, Persian etc.) and Sanskrit on modern Indian languages, literary relations, reception and borrowings between Indian languages.
3. Tracing sources of major themes, plots etc. anthropological, folklore studies.
4. Literary historiography, literary periods, movements-past and present, across Indian languages.
5. Sociology of Indian literatures; literature and other arts especially literature and painting, sculpture, dance, architecture, literature and social sciences like sociology, political science.

The subjects of the Fellows selected so far will bring out the importance attached by the Foundation to this aspect of comparative literature. However, an applicant may submit only one topic as his project for the Fellowship.

Terms of Appointment

1. The duration of the Fellowship is one year with effect from the date a Fellow commences his/her work.
2. During this period he/she will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs. 14,000/- p.m. and a contingency grant of Rs. 40,000/- per year for travel, books and magazines, secretarial assistance etc. related to the study. Both the stipend and contingency grant is exempted from income tax under section 10(16) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 under certain conditions.
3. If at any time it appears to the Foundation that the progress or the conduct of a Fellow has not been satisfactory, the Fellowship may be suspended or terminated. The fellow, if suspended, the amount of stipend for the period of suspension will be determined in acordance with the general practice in such cases. In the case of termination of the Fellowship, the Fellow will be required to refund to the Foundation the full amount spent on him by the Foundation.
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